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CRIT Esports Brunei is home to the AMPRO Clash Series, an annual amateur professional esports league in Borneo for gamers to showcase their talent and skills on a big stage. AMPRO Clash Series (or ACS for short) aims to provide a platform for younger and an undiscovered generation of players to experience the competitive formats of global professional esports leagues and tournaments.

AMPRO Clash Series also serves as a gateway for top performing players to get scouted and recruited for academy teams for CRIT esports teams abroad, or other pro-teams in search for young blood and budding talent.

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A legacy of building legends. Victorious in Play.

CRIT Esports Malaysia is home to CRIT VIP, a professional PUBG Mobile esports team playing in the A-tier PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) for Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines region. Part of the best 20 teams of this region, they compete in two pro circuits per year, aiming to fight for a chance to represent Malaysia in the Global circuits at the end of each year.

CRIT Esports Malaysia also aims to be an entertainment hub for gaming and esports related content, focusing on the rapidly growing culture and lifestyle shifts of the digital generation (Gen Z, Gen alpha and millennials).

Unlocking a new region in 2022/2023

Coming soon to the CRIT family, CRIT Esports Thailand will be home to a professional Valorant esports team competing in the regional circuits for qualification in the Challenger leagues.