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The idea behind playing video games as a career opportunity isn't new. Countries around the world have long been hosts to the billion-dollar industry, building the foundations to what we've come to know today, as esports.

Although Brunei currently lacks any movement in its local gaming scene, it holds potential. This untapped potential found in its passionate - skilled gamers, and the sheer explosive potential for a booming industry. That's why we need a hub for gamers, a blueprint to remove the limits to reach critical height. That's why we need CRIT!

It may be quite a distance to catch up,
but we'll pull off a clutch.

We'll pull off a Crit!


Our definition of a hero is not a single individual who carries the weight of the world on their shoulders, but someone who holds the traits of one. So, when you are braving into the unknown, just know that you'll have backup.


We fight for victory, even when the way ahead looks uncertain. It's a feeling of pure adrenaline when all of the odds seem to go against you, a feeling that we live for. That's why we look forward to reliving those moments.


We're always looking for ways to draw in large crowds who all share the same thundering passion for gaming. This same electricity pulses to every single part of what we do, from the content we make, to who we are as CRIT.

Products & Services


Whether you’re an aspiring professional, team manager, or just interested in how it all works, CRIT offers consultation services for managing, contracting, strategising, and engaging in all things esports.

Team marketing, performance and management

Here at CRIT, we aspire in continuously raising the benchmark of professional esports teams. To achieve this, we offer various services of updated industry standards on team marketing, performance, and management.

esports event management

A core aspect of esports comes from the structuring of events. Such factors include: planning, strategising, and overall execution of scaleable esports events.

crit brand and branded properties

As the esports industry continues to evolve, so does CRIT. A brand built to accommodate the fundamental values of an esports organisation and other complementing fields, CRIT is the brand built for the future gamer.

Media platform

Esports, like any other competitive sport, has the crowd and status of being a capitalising media platform. Explore ways to reach out to one of the most populated markets through CRIT.